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  Comment by : Sorenzor

  Link is broken (megaupload died), could someona reupload it, please?

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  Comment by : naruto_in

  someone upload to anew link because megaupload as been shutdown sad

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  Comment by : iso48

  finally so thanx xxxaceswildxxx

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  Comment by : xxxaceswildxxx


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  Comment by : rambo316

  This is stupid. :)

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  Comment by : iso48

  no answer yet there anybody out there ... i still cant download so again please renew the link .!!!!!!

I lost the file, so i cannot upload it

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  Comment by : iso48

  hey again its me please check the link cause it doesnt work ... renew it please ....

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  Comment by : is048

  it cant be downloaded so please renew the link or change it ...

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  Comment by : Sadox

  Well, Dope, I dont want an overpower character, but It will be better in my opinion that if Kenpachi takes off the eye patch, is gonna continue without it, like a transformation, but it only changes the eye patch.
The Stance and the power boost are really great on this character.
I like how it is right now, but for me, it can be better if the taking off of the eyepatch would be for all the battle, adding an special reiatsu, like one when it just take off.

Well, I want to learn how to create and modify mugen character xD
If I learn, I gonna make it like I told you :)

Anyway, yours is the best kenpachi character I've seen.

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  Comment by : Dope

  To Sadox, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my character. I don't think I'll do that though for Kenpachi's eye patch removal mode. Reason being that you have to take balance into consideration and I'm not interested in making unstoppable overpowered characters. What you mentioned though about increased defense is already there. He has super armor coding so he doesn't flinch and the damage is halved. He also already does slowly gain power. Not enough to fill the whole bar but a good boost. Increased attack though would probably be overkill so I don't think I'll ever add that. Balance is also the reason why his eye patch removal doesn't last forever.

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  Comment by : Sadox

  Oh, Dope, I've your Kenpachi o.o
That's a great character!
But I think that it would be better, when he takes out the eye patch, continue without it. I dont know if you can understand me XD
Kenpachi without eye-patch appears in the DS game "Bleach 3rd Phantom". It would be amazing, when it takes off his eye-patch, and have a lot of reiatsu around him(Since he hasn't the patch on), upgrading his attack, defense and Power recover. And when he does that "Kendo Hit", destroy the ground too. It would be epic o.o
Thanks for reading.

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  Comment by : Dope

  No disrespect Aster but it's pretty easy to make a good mugen character. Just look at my Kenpachi, it was the very first character I ever made and it was great, in fact it's one of the very best bleach mugen characters so far. It was fast and easy to make too. No you can't make a good mugen character within a few days but it's not as hard as it seems to make a mugen character. Coding is very simple once you look at it one block of code at a time.

Speaking of my Kenpachi, why hasn't the 100% version been added to the database? My old beta of Kenpachi is in the database but the 100% complete version I released in the mugen releases section of the forum hasn't been added to the database.

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  Comment by : sweetfire13

  sad you beat me too it.
at least now I can work on Felicia and morrigan

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  Comment by : Chris96

  Not so good but w/e... smile

Kinda good xD

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  Comment by : Aster

  guys, its not that easy!
you try making a character with several moves in fighter factory for several days!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have to rip all the sprites, make all the commands, add the palette to the character, make all the actions in animations....etc.!!! SO SHUTTUP AND BE HAPPY WITH IT!!!!!

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  Comment by : Sadox

  Ye, but that character is what I've... and I really dont like it.. it's like the DS one, I want one edited, with other powers and better..

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  Comment by : wangwang

  ↓ ukitake character is here

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  Comment by : Sadox

  Not bad, finally a normal Mayuri!

I really want a great Genryusai Yamamoto, and Jushiro Ukitake... I dont found a Ukitake character what I like :S

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  Comment by : rambo316

  [b]Not bad, create unohana now,

let her use the basic kido moves, bind, fireball, lightning and spirit blast

also give her the ability to heal herself

As for the super moves, give her the ability to heal her parter's life half way, and the other super, she will be able to heal herself and her parter's life when the power bar is full.

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