Kyouraku Shunsui by Ariclenes

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  Comment by : madara

  parce esta malo el mugen no me lo quiere leer arreglalo por favor

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  Comment by : ipood

  he killed stark ill never be happy killed sad

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  Comment by : Roki741

  Thanks misterioso, it's working now, and btw hes a little op for my taste but nevertheless nice character! biggrin

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  Comment by : misterioso924( Ariclenes de Castro)

  Hi It was you who was wrong, and yes I do.
The folder of the character, has the name "Kyouraku. But the DEF file (settings file) is named "Kyouraku - Beta". Therefore, does not appear in mugen.

But already solved this problem in the file. Download again char (because they already upgraded and correcting this error in the char) and try to insert into your mugen again, with the name "Kyouraku - Beta".

Anything, just tell me and sorry for everything

Thanks for everything
Misterioso924 (Ariclenes Castro)

PS: I do not speak English, only Portuguese. I used the google translator

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  Comment by : Lightmatt

  type this in the select.def: Kyouraku - Beta

Also make sure the folder is not in another folder.

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  Comment by : Roki741

  it's still not working...and I have tried it on multiple mugens as well, he's my favorite captain too! sad

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  Comment by : Espada_Fan

  Is this beta?

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  Comment by : Brandy

  Open the folder. There should be a ".def" text document. Open it. It should say the creator, the name, and the display name. Enter the name into your select file. Hope that helps?

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  Comment by : Desferskis

  Kyouraku works for me.

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  Comment by : Roki741

  cry It's not working for me, I have put him in the game and everything but he's not in the selection screen, am I not puting the right name in select? I tried Kyouraku, Kyouraku - Beta, Kyouraku Shunsui, and none of it worked plz help.

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