Kyoraku Shunsui by Giovanmni

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Cheap as always.

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  Comment by : Shinkiro

  Better than the half-finished character Ariclenes 'released'...but there are still some glaring issues.

-Sword Swing Effects should be separate, and coded as explods with alpha added. Right now they are opaque, and look blocky.

-The hyper tornado sprite on 'Kyoraku's Hyper' at the end is ridiculously pixel-lated. Downsize it.

-Hyper background looks pixel-lated. Zoom it out,and make multiple to cover the screen

-Thrown sprites are missing

Gameplay wise...

-Infinites are easily set up. Tapping Forward and 'x' repeatedly in the corner makes it impossible for the opponent to get out.

-Stylistically, Shunsui seems more suited to running around than flash stepping everywhere like he does here. However, all your characters have a flash step in place of a run.

It's decent for a beta release, but with a little touching up, it could be even better. It's better than the other stuff you've released though.


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  Comment by : XAgentOrangeX

  Utter shit, as usual...

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  Comment by : dw11

  COOOOL ^^ The best Shunsui :)

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