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  Comment by : 4UnmeiRyo4

  Don't worry. All the credits belong to you guys. I just want to see your chars do what I want to see. Sorry again for being a parasite. I don't know how to make sprites, and I just don't like reading the tutorial manual. tongue
More power to you MUGEN team!

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  Comment by : 4UnmeiRyo4

  Hi! newbie here. I edited this Kira for Winmugen. It's nothing hard really. Just follow this steps: Using notepad, open wabis.stun.cns or something like that, then open kira.cns. Copy everything in wabis.stun.cns to the bottom of kira.cns. Lastly, open kira.def. delete (or just put semicolon at the front of)the line st1. just below st. You'll see st1=wabis.stun.cns > remove this or just follow the one in the parentheses. Voila!. Don't know why it worked though. Sorry egiboi, Stormex, Giovanni, etc. I just like editing. smile

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  Comment by : fireblade16

  guys... get a copy of 1.0...... it helps.
you dont even have to make it your main but seriously... 1.0 is the beesknees (wow.. i just typed that). i have mine set up from infinity mugen
their IMT(blue) is well done. the screenpack, 4 diffrent selects (8400, 1344, 344,70) and every screen is fully animated (including loading) and the new victory quote screen...... Off topic much? lol

good char... but rambo316 has a good point

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  Comment by : rambo316

  can anyone make him for winmugen?

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  Comment by : wewe

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  Comment by : rambo316

  Please fix him for all versions of mugen, it wont work for me

Plus kira is a kido expert,give him the red kido fireball, he's suppose to have that and that windblast he used on the falcon arrancer.

Lastly a protective doom and the healing ability :/

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  Comment by : Sadox

  I should download Mugen 1.0 so :s

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  Comment by : mugen hero

  most people dont use mugen 1.0 but can you set this char for not this version so he can play on every mugen version thank you :)

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  Comment by : Roki741

  It isn't working for me sad

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  Comment by : Cheffchen

  Wie kann diesen Char Updaten?were nett das mal zu erklären^^
How cin i Update this Char?Please explain^^

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