Isshin Kurosaki by D312 ( Ichigo's Dad )

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  Comment by : mugen hero

  for non chibi ichigo thats not in his soul reaper form...I ment to say his moves will have to be like marshal arts becaues everytime ichigo wakes up in the morrning his dad always try to test his quickness, his reflexes, and his focus___Please make this char dude. just think how good this char will look like in the mugen world... just look rukia has her gigai form, chad has his normal for mand his el dia blo form, but ichigo needs to have his normal form then he can turm into his soul reaper form.. good luck warrior :).. rukia hgas her chibi school form and non chibi form___ so does izuru kira___ so ichigo's dad should as well>>> :)

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  Comment by : mugen hero

  Hey the creator or founder of this char____can you make a non chibi version because if you do that then your char will get a lot of downloads for your hard work... and one more thing... can you make a non chibi ichigo without his soul reaper form.. his moves will have to be asort of marshal atr way.. good luck dude;)

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  Comment by : Den

  chibi is better :)

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  Comment by : _-_-_-_

  it's chibi version :(

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  Comment by : Ricashi

  I hope it's not a chibi verson

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