Ichigo Vasto Lord by Giovanmni

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  Comment by : jimmynador

  cara vc faz kd boneco style, mais será que pode fazer o Don Kanonji, Ele é D+...

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  Comment by : kenny

  queria esse mugem completo

pode mandar o link por msn se não for emcomodo

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  Comment by : Concerned Citizen


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  Comment by : XBladeist

  It's CHEAAAP!!

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  Comment by : Roki741

  LOL Why is Vasto Lorde smaller than vizard??? tongue

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  Comment by : dsa

  man this chars attacks are tottaly OP even if i degrade them he still beat my other chars in a solo combo of 500hits

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  Comment by : kaspersky

  give me the stage name

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  Comment by : XBladeist


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  Comment by : Mason

  Move list plz?

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  Comment by : blank blank

  I think more could have been done to this char

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  Comment by : KaYz1992

  um for some reason whenever i win 2 rounds, the program closes on me... can someone help me figure this out?

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  Comment by : Devster247

  whats all the hubup,kiddos?

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  Comment by : 007harima

  this one hell og good char

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  Comment by : oddzxc

  link broken

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  Comment by : buy

  Link works

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  Comment by : Ralicor

  New Link please

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  Comment by : lick my nipples

  GIOVANNI ive sen most of your bleach characters but i have to say that this vasto lorde char is pretty awesome, but i wanna askif ur still working on that ulquiorra final form char
cuz i mean not a single one of ur chars have sucked {well not the ones ive seen} but the sprites for that ulquiorra are terrible so im just curious is he a wip still too?

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