Halibel by Giovanmni

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  Comment by : killa2843

  @jakops u are the rudiest son a bitch i have ever seen , giovanmni makes one the best characters ever, he is very known in making the best bleach, i have never heard of a bitch named jakops, obviously u don't make chars,maybe u should consider getting ur rep up

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  Comment by : whore

  what does "oi n to conseguinu baixar , eu to doido com esse char arruma pliz" means

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  Comment by : Espada_Fan

  Giovanni this character suck ever that you make because the sprite look shit, don't have many move and when her release form it can't crouch.
Really you must make an update for her

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  Comment by : StormEX

  This is really bad! I don't mean like, one or two things wrong. No i mean really bad!? Please try much much MUCH, harder next time.

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  Comment by : Ricashi

  Cause you can't it just simply means your worthless and should not say shit about peoples stuff.

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  Comment by : Ricashi

  Jakops stfu all his characters are cool, if you can do better then please do but if then do us all a favor not go hang yourself.

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  Comment by : Sams

  please next time make Barragan

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  Comment by : question?

  she still not complete right?

0   Spam
  Comment by : Espada_Fan

  all i know is that this character have 5 move list

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  Comment by : CloroxFans

  Thanks alot for the upload of Halibel, i love this character alot! May we know the movelist pls? thanks alotlot anyway ^^.

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  The guy down my comment is a pervert.

-1   Spam
  Comment by : Jakops

  Dont try to make an character every 1-2 weeks coz they dont deserve to be online coz they are very ugly and very un creative so if u dont add them this offen u will have more fans and more respect

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  Comment by : Skydawn

  Hmmm good char but u edit your sprite

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