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  Comment by : Espada_Fan

  he so strong :D 5/5

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  Comment by : NoobAtThis

  There are still one move but i can't figure it out T-T

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  Comment by : NoobAtThis

  - Sousuke Aizen -

Power Charge: Y
Six Trap:D,F +X, Power >=1000
Byakurai: D,B +X, Power >= 1000
Blast: D,F +Y, Power >= 1000
Kudakero: D,B +Y, Power >= 2000
Kido Blast: D,F +Z, Power >= 2000
Menos Grande: D,B +Z, Power >= 2000
Gin Helper: D,F +A, Power = 3000

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  Comment by : NoobAtThis

  Adding:Can you make him a leader of the Arrancar

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  Comment by : NoobAtThis

  Hey man you good a great job.I like the character especially he release his shinkai and become slow motion xD.One of my best character in story and game :D

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  Comment by : omg

  i really like this character, lot of moves specially with the slow down effect (z).
Gin's attack is too slow

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  Comment by : Anti Arrancar Aizen

  Aizen who I know Never together with Menosgrande or Hollow!!!
Aizen who I know if together with Hinamori!!!
True Aizen Sousuke This Captain of 5th Division!!!
The Arrancar's Boss Aizen This Fake!!!
True Captain Aizen This Good!!!

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  Comment by : Anti Aizen Fanclub

  This Aizen is false,Aizen and Menos grande this badfull Combination

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  Comment by : konia

  aizen is a uchia...
somehow i always suspected

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  Comment by : david

  un gran aporte gracias

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  Comment by : guikev

  yeah! somebody make aizen not chibi biggrin biggrin

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  Comment by : damp

  is the menos grande a move for aizen?

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