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  Comment by : rem4real

  pls can you upload on other site megaupload's got some problems

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  Comment by : ronnie

  o shi u used them from bleach shattered blades for the wii when i first saw this i was like dam then i seen grimjjows posture and that just gave it away and the way it looks lol good one bout to download it

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  Comment by : Yuko

  Image like 3D What the Hell.... is that .... Someone How know Where to Search character Bleach cibi

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  Comment by : eLLine19

  [size=22][color=red][b][i]This Character Is So Cool!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin

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  Comment by : deidara

  damn that ..! that game is from.. bleach GC LOL

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  Comment by : MinatoxNaruto

  ummmmm guys this is Hi res mugen you can download it on this site but you can only use HI RES mugen chars all other chars will be pixlized so you can only use hi res if it is hi res mugen

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  Comment by : Lolidragon757

  its Hi Res MUGEN ? :o

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  Comment by : buy

  Seems like it bu i'm not sure.

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  Comment by : david


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  Comment by : ichigo

  that is the ugliest char ever !!! that is for pcsx you dimwitt crap face !!! fuck you!!!

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  Comment by : NEED HELP

  plz help me i cant use my chars its says i need to pay money plz help me is it because i have winmugen?

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  Comment by : buy

  Could you explain a little better

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  Comment by : abdul

  no shit gaphics stupid people

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  Comment by : damp

  Oh yeah could you please post link of the other chars (Aizen and Byakuya) thanks cool

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  Comment by : damp

  I gotta admit thats really cool graphics and chars!!! biggrin

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  Comment by : din0

  i can't believe it either man,check the thing out :O and where are the other char's ?? will u be uploadin em ? PLEASE DO sad PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

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  Comment by : fghd

  WOW is that mugen????

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  Comment by : hakeem

  it"s realllllll

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  Comment by : din0

  wowwww ... awesoeme-wicked graphics man like wtf ? is that even for m.u.g.e.n. ?? seriously wacko

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  Comment by : danmt

  Oh God...
It's just Hi res MUGEN (Winmugen Plus)

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