matsumoto by CLIFF-A

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  Comment by : guikev

  She is a little bit too strong cry

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  Comment by : Me

  Bounce, bounce, bounce.... ^_^

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  Comment by : Lolidragon757

  the char is cute but ... it doesnt have special skill, nothing like Matsumoto, and ....
i dont know ..
i dont think it worth the speace on your computers ... :\

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  Comment by : Dewalt

  Where is it now? I can't download it, it says file not found.

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : ichidori555

  can't download it :P

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  is this the only Matsumodo character so far?

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  Comment by : judge

  it's not in normal size and it doesn't do a special move.I do not like it.

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  Comment by : Walyson

  Lol, I can't download it ... may anyone send PM to me?
pretty please?

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  Comment by : konia

  she cant die?

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  Comment by : Advait

  i cannot download sad .. always says "THE DAILY TRAFFIC LIMIT FOR YOUR COUNTRY IS CONSUMED"

0   Spam
  Comment by : buy

  host changed

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  Comment by : Advait

  tyvm .. nice char

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  Comment by : papichulo

  i.. i.. i like it! biggrin

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  Comment by : stef

  is it chibi???

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  Comment by : buy

  no, but it s not normal sized either.

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