Zaraki Kenpachi by Yurichi

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  Comment by : Zaraki_Kenpachi

  Zaraki should be a Demon Not this Wimp. dry

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Oh wait sooo is that Chun-li reliable? She looks a bit cheap.

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Removed form bleach Blade of Fate.

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  Comment by : [L]

  AHAHAHAH LOL man you suck biggrin biggrin biggrin fudge fudge haha haha tongue

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  Comment by : daniboy_110

  no comment

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  Comment by : Yuko

  Nice ..... Need Move List... Help ME !!!!

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  Comment by : Yuko

  what the hell..... To big memory.. but is good...
Good Job

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  Comment by : Dean

  actually i like good job thank you!

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  Comment by : Lolidragon757

  appearence - not that good ..
attakes - pretty lame ..
defence - suckish .. he lost to her !
i'll rate it with 4 out of 10 :|

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  Comment by : luiz

  alguem sabe o nome da musica tocada no especial da orihime ???

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  Comment by : AtzoPShikI

  hey douche the size plus the character apperance it totaly suck....... cry surprised cry surprised angry angry angry

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  Comment by : Deyesoto

  Does this also have most of the characters downloaded from Bleach: Dark Souls (a.k.a Kokui Hirameku Requiem) in Mugen characters and Rare characters?!

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  Comment by : Alacardt

  Terrible special, and 20mb char...thats said..insta-fail!

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  Comment by : Jiraiya

  HoLLY SHIT 20mb wow

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  ack!, to much memory

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  Comment by : Rash

  Пацаны ! Мочим всех !

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  Comment by : KriSS~

  Чел, красиво твоя надпись посреди Пиндоского серва красуется)))

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  Comment by : kostas


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  Comment by : Ryu

  not in please....

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  Comment by : 123

  че за нах???

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  Comment by : buy

  Don't forget to download the sound and add to the character's folder

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