Toushiro Hitsugaya by viper x2

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  Comment by : LOLOLOL

  link not working need new link

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : shadowlink24

  what is a chibi character and captain Hitsugai is awesome

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  Comment by : F-

  If people don't like chibi they should make there own instead of leeching. Just an opinion, like there's, I suppose. ::: shrug ::: Personally, I don't mind either way as long as its coded nicely. Kudos on the Captain.

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  Comment by : Lolidragon757

  Apperance - awesome ! I like it very much !! but why Chibi ? :(
Attakes - very nice ! :) I like the bankai ^^
Defence - nice :D it a very strong char !
I'll rate it with 9 out of 10 :)
(you were sapoused to get 10, but the chibi ruined it.)
This is my favorite char so far ;)

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  Comment by : Qwertzy

  Don't like it chibi? Instead of complaining about how awesome a chibi character is and how not fun using big characters fighting it, do what I do, make 2 separate M.U.G.E.N. games. One for big characters and one for the minis. Heck, I actually make 3 M.U.G.E.N. games and the third one is for HD characters. Why miss out because of the difference when you can still play them in another way. smile

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  Comment by : Necrophagist

  how the fuck do i do bankai?...move list pls

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  Comment by : Stormshadow2k7

  is it just me or are we like so tired of the Chibi character's ? Its 2009 people lets make em full size dry

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  Comment by : guest1

  whats the name of this song? o.O

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  Comment by : ian

  ohh men this is a good character biggrin

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