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  Comment by : Andx

  ah man.. does anyone still have this char? i need him could u send it to my email please

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  Comment by : bishoptheblue

  okay idiots... hisagi doesnt usually use his shikai or his sword because he fears its power... he believes that to be a true warrior you must fear your blade and its power... his hand to hand skills and kido are top par and captain level and when he does release his shikai he not only has increased close range fighting capabilities but also midrange fighting capabilities as well thus making him incredibly powerful in one on one... his weakness is group fighting and long range

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  Comment by : brandon

  noob is right. you cant make a bleach character with no sword. that's dumb.

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  Comment by : naoufel

  what is tha name of this mugen game wich version

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  Comment by : naoufel

  please tell me where i can download bleach mugen please

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  Comment by : NoobAtThis

  Can you make him with swordhis shinkai and bakudo or something like that plz

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  Comment by : Bleach DS fan

  Please,It places Hinamori Momo in this site of Mugen!!!

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  Comment by : Allan

  I would like to play with Hinamori

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  Comment by : Duneflower

  Hisagi Shuuhei, vice-captain and currently acting captain of 9th Division since the departure of Kaname Tousen.

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  Comment by : darksoul

  Broken link

hisagi is a vice capitain who often gets into fights with kenpachi and his subordinates

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : Lolidragon757

  Do you have a picture of you'r char ?

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : Krockyon

  Who is hisagi? Is this character complete? IO don't want to download without knowing. dry

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  Comment by : bootz

  y does that stupid upload.com say download when i push it all it does is restart

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