Miroku by kenshinx0 ( inuyasha )

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  Comment by : kenshinx0

  Note: I took down the megaupload link because it's linking to an old version and I host my own creations now. For those wanting to download, get him here at my site: MUGEN Coder.

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  Comment by : LlongJjohnKiller

  Another Mugen 1.0 screenpack that might help would be those by HLoader. He makes some very good screenpacks that have a couple variations of character slots. I believe it should hold enough for you.

And if not, there's always the infamous E.V.E. screenpack.

Now, about that preview video...I have a better one here.


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  Comment by : kenshinx0

  Actually, I made a patch for a screenpack that holds over 4000 slots. Check it out here: MFFA Battle v4

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  Comment by : JorgeFF

  I'll try change my mugen, but I'll see one by one of my 605 chars to see if all are working

Edit: I dont found any screenpack of mugen 1.0 with more than 300 char slots so I'll stay with my winmugen

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  Comment by : kenshinx0

  You know JorgeFF, as Tora mentioned to you, WinMUGEN characters are completely compatible with MUGEN 1.0. Nothing will be broken by you switching. It's a good thing too, because you can do more with MUGEN 1.0 than you can with WinMUGEN. So the moral of this story is that MUGEN 1.0 characters will not work on WinMUGEN, but both WinMUGEN and MUGEN 1.0 characters will work on MUGEN 1.0. Hope that clears any confusion you may have. :P

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  Comment by : JorgeFF

  tora2 I dont know why you are so angry, I have more releases for win mugen, so I'll not get the MUGEN 1.0 just because one char.

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  Comment by : LlongJjohnKiller

  I have a better preview video for Miroku up, you don't have to use this one anymore.

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  Comment by : kenshinx0

  kenshinx0 here. I was wondering if you guys could link back to my site, instead of a direct link. That way anyone can download any of my characters all in one place. Also, I like to track downloads for my personal statistics and all. Thanks in advance. smile

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  Comment by : tora2

  shut up and upgrade to 1.0 win mugen is dead and buried its gone get over it switch to 1.0 and live on basically everything for win mugen works in 1.0 if you know what you are doing. stop complaining every creation by kenshinx0 will be for 1.0

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  Comment by : LlongJjohnKiller

  I was wondering why my video was getting so many extra views....should have asked first, hmm?

Also would have been better off getting a different video than mine, mine has him dying right away. Not very good for advertising him.

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  Comment by : JorgeFF

  This is for MUGEN 1.0 =/

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