grievous (star wars) by blank

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  Comment by : superannoyinghulk

  greivous needs work sound more attacks and more sprites there is some times like when super mario spins and throws him he is gone then appears on the ground

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  Comment by : Basher22


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  Comment by : 40KEndgame

  I saw this exact one in the star wars section.


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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Is this char good? answer:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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  Comment by : hankyje

  i tried to get him and it did not work... But judging on you guys comments i don't think im missing anything dry

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  Comment by : Nintendolover

  :( This guy got pwned by Legendary Super Sayajin Goku. I didn't even take 1 health away from him

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  Comment by : Lord Orga

  I've been looking everywhere for him.

I don't care how crappy he is, I'm still downloading him!

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  Comment by : TOBI

  I hate it... it's horrible

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  Comment by : Paranoidrobot675

  are fucking serious this char needs lots of work because he seriously got pwned!

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  Comment by : He looks like shit XD


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  Comment by : Unknown

  Actually, press W for an awesome attack

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  Comment by : FAIL

  dude, this character sucks!

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  Comment by : kikinak

  aww man... the vid is down.

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  Comment by : jonlong

  this one needs work

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