Glacier by Yogoreneko

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  Comment by : sakasaky

  good spirits but why does it turn green ?? wink

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  Comment by : anti-chibi

  YEAH its works, thanks FrozenLuxis ^^

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  Comment by : Diru Porc


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  Comment by : FrozenLuxis

  I found out how to fix the character.
Go to the Act folder and change the Act names to something in english, then go to the DEF file and change the pal name to the name you used.
Enjoy using the world's best Pokémon!

...I love Glaceon :3

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  Comment by : Kaltran

  Character doesn't work. Link is fine but the file is not complete.

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  Comment by : ashenbot

  doesn't work fix it

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  Comment by : Great Pisello

  No voice. Fix it!

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  Comment by : Psy

  The pokemon is Glaceon

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  Comment by : pein

  picture please

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