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Green Lantern Lucario ( pokemon ) by SpiderMew

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  Comment by : 40KEndgame

  @ TSJ: The video said it's in the alpha stage. It likely isn't complete.

Anyway, I watched the video, and it looks like a sprite edit of DSHIZNETZ Lucario. Since I already have a feel for the original character, I must say that this is a like it or hate it character for those who have the original, and a choice of one or the other for those who don't.

It's a novel concept, but not the most creative in execution without major edits.

If you add some "Green Lantern Lucario" only attacks (maybe a green energy blast from one fist), then it will be a good character for an "Indie" MUGEN.

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  Comment by : mehman66

  cool i like this guy but he has no knelling anim and no damage anim

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  Comment by : TSJ

  You didnt even finish the animation? total crap

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