Cyclops by reza ( x-men ) updated

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  Comment by : [DK]Cador

  this ones a very good cyclops..
the only problem i have with him is his mega optic blast does not hit specific characters like galactus.

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  Comment by : clf

  link broken

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  Comment by : buy

  It is not

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  Comment by : Oswald where

  I was wondering could u link ur oswald hes got some sick moves an combos

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  Comment by : roy_n

  very nice cyclops man!! I always thought a diagonal air optic blast was a must have. Can't wait for it to have super optic blast fixed and killer AI. Also, the run and throw move is prone to glitches.

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  Comment by : link broken

  link broken

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  Comment by : JaeNice

  hey umm admin DEAD LINK

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