colossus (x-men) by Cloudius

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  Comment by : Tay2dope

  @jojo64 There Are Lots Of Characters Out There Like That. If You Have A Large Select Screen Then You Should Be Fine. I Have 7 Characters Like That.

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  Comment by : jojo64

  ok now his files are there but he is just a blank square in my char select screen what does that mean and does it do that to you buy cry he is one of my favorite x men him and gambit

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  Comment by : buy

  I dont know how to fix cuz it is working for me

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  Comment by : Mikesvampire

  Check on his files and the data... something might be wrong

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  Comment by : jojo64

  when i download him all of his files are missing help please

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  Comment by : buy

  Works fine for me

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