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  Comment by : PauLo s2 Anna Maria

  errrr os cara sao ingleses !!!

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  Comment by : XKiraiX

  ya this one doesn't work on mugen 1.0 and neither does the riverside stage wth man! anyways its a bad ass character i had the chance to play with him on win mugen but can't on mugen 1.0 do you have an idea on how to fix that?

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  Comment by : esaka4ever

  this ryu doesnt work on mugen 1.0

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  Comment by : shu

  link doesnt work is there another?

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : guga

  to querendo escorpion do mk vs sf2 do escorpion vs ryu do video muito irado entao to querendo esse

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  Comment by : wtfsnake

  nena te pasas con ryu man...

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  Comment by : Devin Ford

  where can I get this mortal kombat stage?

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