shadow dio ( jojo's bizarre adventure ) by orochi herman

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  Comment by : randomdude101

  use warusaki3 dio sense he made all 3

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  Comment by : DoomCharter

  for some reason, I cant get him to work completely. only his hard and weak punches work.

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  Comment by : mattwo

  does he have ze warldo? I heard a wrry in the vid but no road roller da

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  Comment by : Redeyeknight

  anyone know what series ella is on? anyone know were to dowload er? dry [color=orange]

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  Comment by : buy

  ella can be downloaded here

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  Comment by : Redeyeknight

  [size=13]one of my oldtime favorites , sad he didnt work with the new version of mugen anyone help with this issue? mugen couldnt recognise his def file .. anyways... help if you can smile

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