aragon (super sayan gouki) by Zero_Col

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Aragon is one of the toughest Ogre's.He has Super Saiyan hair.At the beginning of each round, his AI is weak. But after the first 5-15 seconds, his true AI kicks in and he becomes a cheap bastard. this guy counters everything. He can also shoot 2-6 fireballs at once. .His grab moves Sometimes take at least 1/4 of your health and most of the time, they're impossible to dodge. . Also, he leaves himself open after his little teleport counter. Hit him with a grab move during that. Rinse and repeat. Don't bother attempting a normal combo on this guy.

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  Comment by : Budis

  that dam hair just don't let me click in download ¬¬

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  Comment by : RedRain

  SSJ Akuma? Are you serious on this this? I'm a huge fan of Gouki/Akuma, I just wouldn't done that to this character. But you did a good job on him judgeing on the vid but I wouldn't DL him cuz of the hair.....

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  nanaya is no joke!

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  Comment by : Shin_boy

  This chars is very cool

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