god ryu by Angsty Meier Link & The Meddler Z

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Is just a god rugal with ryu's images. Has a good ai and nice effects.If you like ryu and god rugal this char is for you.

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[ Download god ryu by Angsty Meier Link & The Meddler Z (7.10Mb) · Download god ryu by Angsty Meier Link & The Meddler Z (7mb)


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  Comment by : Ronald

  I love chars with good AI,thanks. biggrin
Also this music remind me the beging of another music called Forever Alone

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  Comment by : Xertasian

  hmm.i downloaded the file but it seems i cant use it..do i have to download a stage or certain game to use god ryu.

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  Comment by : Imagreat

  yo hey! yeah i know the real name of it is god ryu but i don't like that name so ill just make it Ryu Orochi how's that is it okay for you?
or Hell Ryu.

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  Comment by : God123

  awsome char ;)

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  Comment by : ~SiC~Shadow

  how do u get ur sound for the hypercam to work so well?

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  Comment by : Sukotto

  Yoooooooo!! How you do that raging demon?

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  Comment by : andrew

  duuuuuudde what is the name of the song thats playing ive herd that song and i cant find it anywhere also great ryu and ken

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  Comment by : NiKiToS40069

  ah0ah0a0h0h0h0h0h0 i want to see this ryu fight with my pain and sage naruto happy happy happy happy

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  Comment by : zach

  i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy need these chars to complete my mugen character thingy; solar boy,megaman cybeast gregar,little 4 tail naruto, 1st & 2nd hokage, gambit,superman, goku ssj5, cursed sasuke, sharingan sasuke,rock lee,neji,pain,janemba & doomsday....... somebody, anybody plz ..........

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  Comment by : Urikio

  Thats... RUGAL!! lol but he still looks raw

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  Comment by : ????

  what screenpack? what lifebars? it looks amazing

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  Comment by : ecool


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  Comment by : birdman hump lil wayne

  oh shizzle

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  Comment by : murat


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  Comment by : DemonJr2129

  Hey, what is the song that is playing? It sounds epic! X3

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  Comment by : paul

  you know download pein naruto chars site wacko wacko wacko

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  Comment by : Marquette

  can u upload the movelist for god ryu im having trouble plz

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  Comment by : hotharry

  surprised very good

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  Comment by : lamond


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  Comment by : naruto_975

  Mn qko

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  Comment by : Kura-Kun

  His move come from God Rugal. But still a awesome chars :)

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  Comment by : Axel Sims

  looks fine to me

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  Comment by : yshoulduknow?

  this character is messy and sould be destroyed

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