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Leon Kennedy ( Resident Evil ) by ??

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  Comment by : Edgeworth

  Pros: It's Leon, need I say more
Specials = Character cameos (Claire, etc.)
Cons: Too Easy to beat (For Leon that is)
Poor creation (Half-assed character)
Just plain awful

Rating: F+ ,You get a star for effort though.

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  Comment by : Alex

  This is character i always wanted in M.U.G.E.N.

Char from RE2 (those who says it is awful they are kids, really)
Easy Playing
Good sprite size

I would like to have more chars like this but from RE3 and RE1

This is awesome, old games were the best.

Sorry for late-commenting but those kids are f****d up.

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  Comment by : Abraham peanut

  why cant he be more like he was on re4?

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  Comment by : KingKannibal

  WTF....this is a weird character!

but hey, at least the creator tried!!!

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  Comment by : buy

  This is not my video. I found it on youtube.

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  Comment by : the spectator

  no joke
this guy is god awful

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  Comment by : Resident evil Freak


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  Comment by : Jsrf38

  He sucks... sorry to say...

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