Super Saiyajin 3 goku ( dbz ) by warusaki3

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  Comment by : About Move List: Some Moves

  Here are some moves to start you guys off though
left, down, right, [A Key] = Roll kick
left,down,right, [B Key] = Kamehameha
I also believe if you do left, down, right, left, down, right [B Key] = Super Kamehameha

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  Comment by : About Move List

  Lol, just find out the movelist by urself, most Mugen Char. special attacks start with
down, right [key]
down, left [key]
left, right [key]
2 Buttons pressed together
or enter
Those are the main buttons i use to find out most specials, and super specials are doubled keys such as
down, right, down, right [key] etc.

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  Comment by : poket

  i know none of these chars hav move list exept the gz for example (gzsasuke)or (gzchouji) and more

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  Comment by : Move List ???

  Move list ???????

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  Comment by : ege


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  Comment by : ege


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  Comment by : SinGoku

  Move list???

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