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  Comment by : 15

  This is the only ichigo that has an Ai that fights serious and easy to use biggrin

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  Comment by : Chaotic Chao

  ...You know, if you don't like a char's size, you could always just change it in the cns file of the char.

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  Comment by : rawr your face

  can he go into bankai?

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  Comment by : Qwertzy

  Eff all of you who hates on characters just because of their size! JUST FREAKING PLAY THEM ALL IN SEPERATE GAMES! YOU CAN STILL HAVE FUN! YOU DON'T HAVE TO MISS OUT! angry

But I think you can judge them on how they function. Now that's worth debating! To me, he's so-so. dry

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  Comment by : Anonim

  How you get the direct download??sorry for my bad english,i from uruguay.

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  Comment by : guikev

  Some chibis characters are great happy

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  Comment by : Koolguy

  Yea normal ichigo is way better than chibi cuz he can totaly stay in bankai permently. /sarcasm

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  Comment by : LiLuoShu

  People just have different preferences..personally I like both of them XD

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  Comment by : ericthemugenman

  why do pplz ask for lame graphic chibbis all they do is make your game look too big

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  Comment by : CrucialGamer

  The people who ask for chibbi mugen chars are idiots I hate 'em so much that I bash 'em to pieces... I prefer normal size characters in my game because it's tougher to fight them short bastards.

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  Comment by : Qwertzy

  You're the idiot! You're missing out in life! You can always make separate games, one for chibi characters and one for big characters. Just because you're dumb, doesn't mean you're right. Sheesh.... dry

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  Comment by : JE

  why the fuck do u all ask for chibbi chars normal ones are alot better

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  Comment by : nameless

  lame :@ make a chibbi 1

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  Comment by : ichigo boy


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